Monday, May 15, 2017

women riding bullet

Riding heavy motorcycles is subject to a work in men arena in India , but many girls breaking these stereo types
These are few fantastic views seen on Indian roads 1 ) a middle age woman riding a bullet on 120kmps on noida agra expressway, 2) A young college girl uses her brothers royal en-field motorcycle, she plans to buy a new one for her 3) Geeta , a gram pradhan of a remote village uses bullet for her daily meet ups and the interesting part is that her husband didnt know riding a motorcycle 4)Radha , a freelancer photographer uses bullet for her projects , when we ask her why she choose such a heavy bike? she smiles and replied its not heavy but it is trustworthy 5) Gungun , a student of class 11th of some public school also rides bullet of her friends , she proudly says she is only girl to ride bullet in school however few other girls riding other bikes, she too have her splendor bike . 6) seema , a policewomen and mother of two loves to ride her police logo bullet 7) Rani devi , a old lady belongs to royal family passionately rides bullet , she was 55 at this point of time when it was ask to leave her to ride bullet , she said i was riding more than 30 years when many mans are unable to do that , why should i leave?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

rider girls

no no she is not only poser but a genuine rider

walking with bike

petrol ends
so what
when we ride we also know how to cope these problems

Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

someday in india

someday these type of scenes got popular in India also

Sunday, November 20, 2011

small town rider

hey friends
this is a photo of a girl riding bike from very small town BANGERMAU DISST UNNAO UP
of U.P (India)
that means now days small town girls also have dare to ride bikes.
this photo is send by one of my friend vijay i thank him for his valuable contribution from bottom of my hearts.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

rider mom

this is pleasant Sunday and i decide to enjoy whole day . my name is rahul 24 and i am only child of my parents so they love me both. my father is in air force and he is posted in Bangalore . so i live with my mother only.
i called my mom and told her that today i want to enjoy the day
mom : what will you do whole day?
rahul: first i will go to long ride then have lunch in restaurant then watch movie then in evening i will eat pizza then again a long ride then dinner then back to sweet home
mom : ok let me ready

you are thinking why mom is going to ready?
hmmm she is going to ride the motorcycle
why should n i ?
hmmm.... i cant because i cant walk? due to polio
in mean time mom gets ready
wearing her favorite red color suit tied hairs properly
now she help me to get on bike now she sits and the journey begins
after crossing small lanes she moved up to highways and speed up the bike i ask her to run faster and hug her tightly she geared up and told me we are riding at pace of 110kmph .
she starts passing many riders and they cant believe a lady in her late fifties riding so fast that despite their best efforts they cant catch her.
after an hour journey we reaches to my favorite restaurant. they all know everything about us so their is no curiosity .
then we reaches to watch movie , the parking boy seems to be in quiet shocked situation when he saw a old lady riding and her son is sitting back.
after the movie we rushes to pizza hut.
then again a long ride.
then i decide not to take dinner and we return to home.
my mother learns bike ride at age of 36 just for me , she takes me to ride and everything demanded by me is fulfilled by her.
i love my rider mom